(This important, take your time and read through please) 

1. The ambition of the Muslims for Nigeria is to make Nigeria a permanent member of the Organisation of Islamic Countries for which it is yet to attain. 

2. The reason why Nigeria is yet to attain permanent membership status is because to be a permanent membership country, it must have a 10 year unbreakable sitting Muslim presidents  which Nigeria has never had or a successive presidents which would have to pay dues to OIC for 10 consecutive years without breaking. 

3. Gen Abacha successfully registered Nigeria as a provisional member of OIC in 1998 shortly before his demise. Gen Obasanjo's 8 years as president, he did not pay the OIC dues. It remained just 2 years for Nigeria to be struck out of the list of OIC.  Yar' Adua came in and paid for 2 years before his demise, but Jonathan did not pay for his 6 years reign. We can now see the reason 2015 was a fierce year of election. If Jonathan had won, by now the country would have been out of that list. 

4. However, now, by 8 years of Bihari's  presidency, they only need 2 years of Muslim presidency or any stud that would be used to pay the remaining 2 years dues to get the 10 years at a stretch of payment- By voting a Muslim president in the next election you would be signing over the country to be  a permanent membership of Islamic Countries like Iran ,Iraq, Saudi , Niger etc .Handing  over your children to an Organization in which they will not be allowed to practice their faith as Christians. The persecution you see now will be a child's play to what will happen. 

5. Remember, Nigerian govt would then have the legal ground to establish and enforce Shari'a law in the country. Already, looking at the judiciary now, you can see the move towards that because majority of them are Muslims (if not over 85% already). Also look at the first 10 key posts in the Nigeria's political ecosystem, how many are Christians? 

6. This is no longer news that the Islamic Fulanis are already saturating the West and the East in preparation of their mission. The laws guiding Nigeria's land and water resources are been changed and/or under going pressure to be changed by Buhari government. In addition,  if this succeed, once Fulanis are able to live in the West or in the East for 10 years, they would then have legal ground to claim that land as theirs even though they are from the North. 

7. Like Mordecai told Esther , if you don't risk your life for GOD's people thinking you are safe then Salvation will arise for GOD's people  and you and your father's house will not be saved . 

In the 80s when Buhari with Idiagbon took over govt of  Nigeria, there was such pressure to enlist Nigeria to the  Organisation of Islamic Countries; as a teenager then; we held intense prayers because we could not vote them out since it was military regime; there was no voting. So the only option opened to us was the govt to be overthrown and THE GOOD LORD harkened to us and took them out. It may surprise you that this issue of OIC started with the regime of Murtala Mohammed when Chief MKO Abiola first sold the idea to the govt then. The devil is never tired it's you the children of the Kingdom that are often tired. And it's now obvious to you why God disallowed Abiola from becoming the President in 1993. 

8. However now there are  options available to us just like voting and voicing out our resistance in addition to prayer. 

9. The two popular political parties in the country are head or tail of the same coin. He that hath hear, let him hear what the Spirit is saying to the Church. 

Prayer is efficacious, potent and powerful. Let us pray sincerely and let us play our roles as well. 

I'm contributing my own not as cowards, sycophants or pretenders. So I'm demonstrating my courage by encouraging you to arise and fight the good  fight of faith as the Bible say 'show me your faith and I will show you my faith by my works... (voting speaks out when the results are out and supporting also that which would support your faith would also have results). 

Where is your stand? 

This is not a regional battle or tribal battle but the Kingdom of God against that of the devil. 


Not taking decision at all is a decision against the right decision and not voting at all is voting against the right candidate 





Is  your future GENERATIONS AT STAKE. 

Hmm, be wise or cry tomorrow & forever. 

They are all out to actualize this, their Movement is more than just fixing NIGERIA. But  Establishing their KINGDOM by taking over it. 

Be blessed 

As you educate others