Nigeria Belongs to Muslims


Nigeria Belongs to Muslims. We're testing the Moslem/Moslem ticket to prove it; so that the world will believe (that Nigeria belongs to Moslems) after we defeat them (the infidels) in the (presidential) election. By the time we win the (presidential) elections in the two (Northeast and Northwest) regions, the other regions will be a walkover. Brethren, if you don't get your PVC you are helping the infidels to oppress Moslems. Right now we have 3 Moslems running for president. But just before the election, we will pick one of them and vote for him, and ask the other (Moslem presidential candidates) to concede. This is so because it is paramount that a Moslem must (continue to) preside over this country. No matter how bad a Moslem (Presidential Candidate) is he is still better than an infidel (Christian) candidate.

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