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Addyoungcreation website is a social media website, home of news and entertainment. It is a digital site for music, talks, lectures, documentary, audio books, audio & visual sermons and homilies.

It is an outlet to showcase some talents and dreams of the young people referred to as 'Addyoung Stars'.

It houses good music performed by other artists and subsidiaries of Addyoung Families. 

Addyoungcreation website is powered by Chuks Ekweariri. Most of the social presence here is through the collaborative effort of the vibrant members of Addyoung Children Forum (an NGO) and its several social media handles and outlets.  

We solicit for your support towards the care of the Young People in the NGO in assisting to add meaning to life while still young.

Do feel free to use the Paypal payment system to help out. Thank you!

Chuks Ekweariri is a publisher of some books including: Forgo Worries and Live, The Human Sexual Habits, Good Food for Good Thoughts, "The Spirituality in Sexuality" which is currently selling at, Amazon and at site 

See Oh! After reading this truthful long note, do listen to our music and patronize us also recommend to others, hmmmm if not, you will see what I will do to you when we get to heaven! Don't laugh oh!



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